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What is social policy

Social policy touches all of our lives. Its fundamental concerns are about human need, social justice, and individual and collective wellbeing. Social policy is the academic study, prescription, and practice of ways in which Governments can best distribute, and redistribute resources to provide and deliver welfare facilities, services and opportunities.

The Social Policy Association (SPA) is the UK’s professional association for teachers, researchers, students and practitioners of social policy. We promote social policy in teaching and learning and seek to advance the role of research in policy making, practice and wider public debates.

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‘Race’, Learning and Teaching in Social Policy Special Issue

by S-P-A-Administrator in Journal Comments Off on ‘Race’, Learning and Teaching in Social Policy Special Issue

Social Policy & Society is proud to announce its latest special issue. Guest-edited by Bankole Cole, Gary Craig and Nasreen Ali, this Special Issue follows on from the SPA’s commissioned 2019 report on race in [...]

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