In the Shadow of the 2008 Crisis: Social Policy Ten Years On

11th-13th JULY 2018

Exhibition Centre, University of York, UK.


We look forward to welcoming all our delegates to the 2018 Social Policy Association Annual Conference at the University of York. The city of York has a social investigative heritage that has profoundly influenced the shape of Social Policy in the UK and beyond. We hope that our 2018 conference will provide continuing inspiration for analysis and debate.


CONFERENCE REGISTRATION ClOSES 29TH JUNE 2018 Click here for details of fees and to book your place.


Confirmed plenary speakers and summary programme

Eftychia Achtsioglou is Minister of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity, Greece. She holds a PhD in Law and has published on European Union labour law, labour rights and democracy.

Bea Cantillon is Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She has published widely in the areas of poverty, social security, the welfare state and gender and works with a number of organisations on employment and social security issues.

Hartley Dean is Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics, UK. He has published extensively on poverty, social justice and welfare rights including Social Rights and Human Welfare (Routledge, 2015).

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Here you can search for presenters, papers, topics and scheduled times of parallel papers

Author(s) Paper Title Day Time Paper Session
wdt_ID Author(s) Paper Title Day Time Paper Session
1 Derek McGhee, Cristian Moreh Re-bordering the good citizen: Polish migrants’ narratives of earned citizenship and deservedness in the context of the UK’s EU Referendum WED 13.30-15.00 1
2 Katrin Gasior Income mobility through spatial mobility? The income situation of EU migrants in different tax-benefit regimes WED 13.30-15.00 1
3 Lisa Scullion, Peter Dwyer, Katy Jones, Philip Martin, Celia Hynes ‘This is my money that I should be able to access, and you're making me beg’: Military veterans’ experiences of the UK social security system WED 13.30-15.00 1
4 Jane Booth Talk about Austerity! The Limits of Co-production in Neoliberal Times. WED 13.30-15.00 1
5 Hefin Gwilym Universal Credit and Universal Confusion: Evaluating Conditionality in the Era of the Non-Economic Policy of Austerity. WED 13.30-15.00 1
6 Steve Smith Tales from the Chair of a Fairness Commission: Debates about Fairness in Local Government Policy-Making and Budget Allocations in Times of Severe Economic Austerity WED 13.30-15.00 1
7 Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto Comparison of Child Poverty Measures in Indonesia WED 13.30-15.00 1
8 Lee Gregory The making of a "welfare scandal": insights from the Grenfell incident WED 13.30-15.00 1
9 Stefan Kühner, Maggie Lau Meeting the best interests of Hong Kong children? Inequality, fairness and well-being in a rich global city WED 13.30-15.00 1
10 Batuğhan Yüzüak The Voiceless Precariat: On Double Precarity of Commercial Sex Workers in Turkey WED 13.30-15.00 1

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Syposia and Round Tables

Abstracts for Parallel Sessions