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Researching poverty in the pandemic: thinking through ethical issues and challenges by Kayleigh Garthwaite et al.

There are always ethical issues that researchers must be mindful of when carrying out research on poverty and social security. Power dynamics, the sensitivity required when asking people about their experiences, and importance of offering […]

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Teachers, the anti-heroes? The global pandemic crisis and the construction of teachers as the problem ‘Other’ – by Sotiria Grek

Whilst teachers’ work is valued more and more by parents who have had to assist their children with home schooling, teachers in England are under attack. In the following piece, Sotiria Grek is discussing the reasons for […]

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SPA BAME Action Plan

In 2018, the SPA executive recognised that issues relating to ‘race’ and ethnicity should have a higher profile and prominence within Social Policy in the UK.  We then commissioned Gary Craig, Bankole Cole and Nasreen […]

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The WHO in the limelight: squaring a triangle of science, politics and policy in global health emergencies by Dr Cleo Davies

After the SARS outbreak in 2002-2004, the 2009 flu pandemic, and Ebola in 2014-2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) is back in the limelight due to Covid-19. The organization and its work in coordinating global […]