SPA Executive vacancies for 2015

There are 6 vacancies on the Social Policy Association Executive for this year:
1) 4 positions on the exec
This is a great opportunity to become involved in the work of the exec and to take on a portfolio such as annual conferences, grants or early careers. As well as taking responsibility for a particular portfolio, exec members are encouraged to join one of the standing and ad hoc working groups of the executive, e.g.  teaching and learning or preparing In Defence of Welfare II, where that is possible and something they are interested in.
2) 1 Postgrad representative (not postdoc as stated in previous email – though this position could be carried out as a job share)
In order to apply for this position you must currently be a postgraduate. Responsibilities include staying in touch with the postgraduate community, hosting events, representing the interests of postgraduates within the exec and beyond, helping postgraduates to organise events, find avenues to publish, etc., as well as running the Insight into Publishing Scheme together with the editors of Social Policy and Society. We have been very lucky as an organisation to have had a string of excellent postgraduates doing this job and we are therefore looking for someone who is enthusiastic to build on their very good work.
3) (Shadow) Honorary Secretary
This is a key role within the exec and one that offers an insight into the working of the exec as a whole. As well as organising the meetings, liaising with the administrator who is taking the minutes at meetings, organising the Annual General Meeting and co-ordinating the different roles and portfolios within the exec, the role also includes liaising with outside organisations such as the Academy of Social Sciences and HEFCE. Altogether it is a very interesting role, it is less work than perhaps it might sound. The person elected to the post will be working with myself for the coming year before taking over the role at the next AGM.
The exec usually meets four times a year. On the third or fourth Friday in January, April and September and then at the end of the annual conference. The meeting venues depend on the composition of the exec but often include places such as London, Leeds and York. Attendance at the exec meetings is essential as much of the business is conducted then. It is very difficult to be a full member of the exec without attending the meetings. Similarly, attending the annual conferences is part of the exec membership.
More information about the current members of the exec can be found on the website ( All positions are for three years (except for the secretary which is a 3+1 with the year of shadowing) and members can be re-elected once. The elections are held at the Annual General Meeting at the annual conference in Belfast from the 6th to the 8th of July 2015. The results of the elections will not be announced at the conference itself but communicated directly to all candidates shortly after the conference. Candidates have to be SPA members. The process itself involves an application sent to myself containing a couple of paragraphs about the candidate and their ideas/ preferences for their work on the exec. In addition, it needs to include  the names of two academics, who are acting as  nominator and seconder. The deadline for this is Friday, the 12th of June 2015.
So, if you are interested yourself and have any questions or want to discuss your ideas and the details of the application, please get in touch either with myself ( or one of the other exec members. Also, if you know someone who would perhaps like to stand and who would be very good, please do encourage them.