International, Comparative and Global

The SPA aims to be an outward looking association where international, comparative and global aspects of social policy, a broad world view, and engagement with scholars residing outside of as well as within the UK lie at the heart of what we do and how we go about it. We have an International Conference Support Scheme to provide financial assistance for improving the SPA’s links with overseas scholars and learned societies and to promote the SPA internationally.

International Conference Support Scheme Round One: Call for Applications 2015

We are linked to scholarly associations in other countries with whom we have reciprocal arrangements. Please see the links to their websites, as well as links to the websites of a number of other overseas social policy associations and organisations and journals relevant to the international and global aspects of social policy. You can also find here a link to the SPA’s newsletter, Policy World, which regularly carries reports of social policy in other countries.

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Are you part of a social policy association in another country? Perhaps you are developing a similar organisation in your country? Interested in building links with the UK SPA and enjoying reciprocal membership benefits? Then contact the International Officer to discuss.

Associations in other countries with which SPA has reciprocal arrangements:
  • African Social Policy AssociationThe UK SP supported an inaugural conference by the African Social Policy Association, which was formed by colleagues in Kenya.
  • Australian Social Policy Association (ASPA)The UK SPA supported the creation of the Australian Social Policy Association. This committed the UK SPA to a reciprocal agreement with ASPA whereby members of each organisation can attend the other’s annual conferences at the membership rate. See also, website of the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.
  • East Asian Social Policy Research Network (EASP)The UK SPA and EASP signed a reciprocal agreement during the first joint EASP/UK SPA annual conference at the University of York in July 2012.
  • Indian Social Policy Network (ISPN) The SPA has actively supported the creation of a social policy network in India and co-organised a series of collaborative workshops and conferences.

Other international networks and overseas social policy associations:

The SPA continues to collaborate and have constructive dialogue with social policy associations in a wide range of countries, and encourages colleagues from overseas to contact us to discuss reciprocal arrangements or other forms of collaboration.

Organisations and journals with a focus on international or global social policy: