Opportunity to audit ‘race’ and ethnicity with Social Policy in British higher education

The Social Policy Association (SPA) is seeking a suitably experienced person or team within the Social Policy community to carry out an audit of ‘race’ and ethnicity within the Social Policy curriculum, student bodies and staffing in British higher education.

The audit will support the SPA to develop and inform strategies to address any issues that may be identified. In doing so, the report will also feed into the SPA’s ongoing focus on learning and teaching as well as supporting the future diversity and inclusivity of Social Policy.

Ideally, the report should include the following areas:

  • A brief literature review of relevant research, studies and evidence in this field
  • The proportion of domestic BME students studying undergraduate Social Policy or courses including Social Policy in the title at British higher education institutions (HEIs)
  • The proportion of domestic BME students studying postgraduate Social Policy or courses including Social Policy in the title at British HEIs
  • The presence of ‘race’ and ethnicity within curricula of Social Policy courses or those courses with Social Policy named in the title. This could include (i) modules that explicitly focus on ‘race’ and ethnicity, (ii) modules that have specific content examining ‘race’ and ethnicity, and (iii) the way in which modules from other disciplines are used to examine ‘race’ and ethnicity
  • The BME profile of staffing within Social Policy, including representation at more senior levels
  • Whilst there is no need to identify specific HEIs, it would be useful if possible to recognise differences between post and pre-1992 HEIs and any regional differences
  • The way in which ‘race’ and ethnicity feature in the SPA’s annual conferences

A key element of the work will be to ensure that HEIs understand the value of the work in order to achieve their co-operation.

The report concerns Social Policy learning and teaching and, as such, individual universities do not need to be named in the report and nor should they be identifiable.

To apply, please submit (i) a statement outlining timescales, methods and how any potential challenges will be addressed as well as (ii) CVs of those involved. These should be sent to Steve Iafrati, vice-chair of the SPA, at s.iafrati@wlv.ac.uk

The closing date for the applications is Friday the 31st of August 2018. It is expected that work on the audit will commence in September 2018 and should be completed by early 2019. The maximum budget for this piece of work is £7,500.

The final report and data will be owned by the SPA. However, in recognition of the amount of work involved, the SPA executive is happy to consider allowing the successful candidate(s) to use the data appropriately for academic purposes.