SPA 2019 Conference – Final Call for Papers – Monday 11 March 12 noon

Durham University are delighted to be hosting the Social Policy Association Conference 2019 between 8th – 10th July.

Conference Theme: Securing the Future: the Challenge for Social Policy

At a time when uncertainty and social inequalities are seemingly endemic, nationally and internationally, the challenge facing the academic community in social policy is to develop clear thinking and better understanding of these seemingly intractable problems; whilst at the same time, beginning to develop proactive programmes for progressive change. In the context of the continuing, and potentially unresolved, Brexit saga, and where the policies associated with austerity will continue to impact on communities for years to come, active and committed solution-focused debates are still of the essence, cutting across key areas of concern, such as housing and homelessness, income inequalities, gender, cultural and ethnic differences, migration, child and family policy, and violence and abuse, to name just a few.

What is the role for policy? How can it be used to reduce, or at least limit, the effects of social injustice? What is the relationship between academic insights and the ‘real world’ of policy-making and implementation? How can the academy make an effective contribution to secure positive change? Are we observers, commentators or activists?

See the full Final Call for Papers here

The deadline for the submission of abstracts and proposals has been extended to: Monday 11th March 2019 at 12noon.

We look forward to unpacking these issues in Durham in 2019 with you.

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