Best Postgraduate Paper

Postgraduate students who upload and present a full conference paper at the annual SPA conference 2017 are eligible to self-nominate their paper for the award for Best Postgraduate Paper. Postgraduate self-nomination can only take place at the point at which the full conference paper is uploaded to the conference website. The winner of the ‘Best Postgraduate Paper’ will be encouraged to submit their paper to one of the SPA supported journals, however acceptance for publication will be subject to the usual editorial process.

Postgraduates can only be considered for the award if they met the following eligibility criteria:

  • Eligible papers are restricted to those uploaded to the conference website and presented at the UK SPA Conference 2017.
  • A full paper must have been submitted according to the conference deadline (abstracts and/or power point presentations are not eligible).
  • The subject matter of the paper must be directly related to and promote a greater understanding of the discipline of Social Policy.
  • Eligible papers must not have been published or be under consideration for publication at the time of nomination.
  • Eligible persons are those who were postgraduate members of the UK SPA at the time of paper submission.
  • Co-authored papers are eligible only if all the authors were postgraduates at the time of paper submission and at least the first author was a member of the UK SPA at the time of paper submission.
  • Although there can be only one winner of this award, close runners-up will be named and congratulated at the Awards ceremony.