The Social Policy Association promotes teaching and practice in social policy and works to enhance the public profile of the subject. We are also closely involved in the long term development of teaching and learning in the discipline. The SPA liaises closely with the Economic and Social Research Council and other bodies involved in postgraduate training, other professional bodies and the Subject Centre for Social Policy and Social Work.

In 2017 the SPA commissioned a report on the “Current and Future State of Social Policy Teaching in UK Higher Education Institutions“. This report builds on the previous report which, in 2011, provided a snapshot of the subject at that time. You can access the survey through the link below:

Teaching Learning Report

The Report was formally launched at the Teaching and Learning day on 11th September at the University of Wolverhampton. This was  an opportunity for all those teaching social policy to come together to share ideas and good practice and generated insightful discussions about some of the imminent and future opportunities and challenges that face social policy as an academic subject. The summary of the discussion can be accessed below

An overview of the discussions

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